"Your operation is unique and personal. We manage it as if it was our own.”

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We offer our services. Contact us and let's talk about it. We will visit your property, we will evaluate it, we will study its scope in our market and with all this data and we will be able to work the sale of your property.

We will do a photographic and video reportage. This report and all the information will be sent via our online sales channels and will be shared with our employees in order to successfully sell it.

We will inform you of all aspects of the sale: tax, legal ... as well as you will receive, regularly, information about the work we do with your property.

We will make the appropriate energy certificates.

We will make the corresponding energy certificates, obtaining the certificate of habitability, the lifting of the plans if necessary, the pre-registration to the cadastre ... and all other management required for the sale.

We work together to achieve our common goal, selling your property.

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